Now I know why French women don’t get fat!

4 Mar

As you know, I’ve dedicated these next two weeks on my blog to my favorite things. First was Julia Child. Up next:

Almond croissants.


When we lived in Miami, FL, there was this small French bakery in the shopping center next to where I worked. Coworkers kept telling me that I MUST try the almond croissants from the French bakery. Before these croissants, I could take or leave almond flavored desserts. The overly powerful imitation almond flavoring and no actual almond pieces in them were nothing to waste my time on. After a couple months, I finally wandered over to the French bakery and got an almond croissant. And let me tell you, I waited a couple of months too long! It was unlike anything I had ever tasted before. I literally sat at my desk is awe for 10 minutes after finishing it thinking about how good it was. I needed more. I made it my monthly treat to walk over to the French bakery for an almond croissant and a cappuccino (I could write a whole other post about the cappuccinos at that place!). Monthly treat turned into bimonthly treat turned into weekly treat. Once my husband got the news that we were leaving Miami for a job opportunity, I went to the French bakery every day until we moved. They were that good.

Since I’m posting about my favorite things, I embarked on the adventure of croissant making this weekend. It’s safe to say I didn’t know what I was getting into. Croissant-making involves a lot of rolling, chilling and repeating. And a lot of butter.


The thought that continuously crossed my mind each time I almost broke a sweat while forcing all my body weight into the rolling pin was, “no wonder French women don’t get fat!” They are surrounded by these wonderful pastries, but the process, alone, of making them burns enough calories to enjoy a treat, guilt-free. On top of that, the amount of time that goes into making the delicious flaky, layered pastries would make anyone want to savor every single bite.

I think we can all learn a life lesson from French pastries. These tasty buttery treats are ok to eat…in moderation! Indulge in one if you like, just make sure you limit it to one, and savor it. Try to sneak in some exercise. Earn bonus points by making them from scratch!

My first attempt at making these was average to slightly above average. Going through the process of making them, I kept thinking, “no matter how good or bad these are, I am never making them again. I will fly down to Miami for my indulgence instead!” Once they came out of the oven and I saw the amazing paper thin layers that I had created through all of rolling, chilling, and repeating, I got inspired to give it another whirl the next free weekend I have.


Check out the layers!

I combined recipes and methods from “Baking with Julia” and “Baking Illustrated”. I would love any feedback you all have from your adventures with croissant making.



2 Responses to “Now I know why French women don’t get fat!”

  1. Wendy norman March 5, 2014 at 11:21 am #

    Those look delicious Rachel! Can’t wait to taste one of them!! ( when you make them ) 🙂

    • deliciousbalance March 5, 2014 at 8:42 pm #

      Once I perfect the recipe I will be sure to post it and bring some to Rochester 🙂

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